“If there were more stars available for Steve, I’d use them. There are a couple of professions whose make-up doesn’t exactly thrill me: car salesmen, realtors, and frankly, mortgage brokers. This is because I either know more than the professional (i.e. as is the case with realtors), or, I know nothing about the field (i.e. cars and mortgages). Either way, my dislike is fueled by my concern about being taken advantage of. Such was the case when I was introduced to Steve Matthews 15 years ago when I was purchasing my first house. I went into the transaction with hackles up, ready to fight the inevitable arrogance and griminess I thought I’d encounter. Needless to say, all these years later, with 2 houses, 5 refinances, two offers on other real estate, and about 20-30 referrals I’ve made to family friends and loved ones, I can safely say that not only is Steve the antithesis of arrogant and grimy, he is the only person I’ll ever go to for real estate financing. In a word (or two), he’s honest, diligent, thorough, creative, responsive, patient, conscientious, smart, and understanding. Plus, the product he gets you at the end of the day will have the best interest rate and terms for your situation. He’s upfront from the get-go about exactly what his fee is and how it factors into the transaction. This transparency was crucial for me to start trusting him, which I did almost instantly. Whether you’re the reader of every word in the 100 page transaction document, or a “explain it to me in plain English,” Steve would be the best for you. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this consummate professional.”

Jason Cohen

“Service with integrity and understanding. Makes a difficult mortgage application process easier to get through. Recommend Steve to anyone looking for a competitive mortgage.”

Stephen Zawislak

“Steve worked with me from day one. Before I even found a home, he was there to get me pre-approved for a loan and answered all the questions I had. Buying a house is not an easy process, involving a lot of tasks including many time sensitive documents requiring attention. Steve did a great job communicating and being available for my needs. Additionally, he found me a great interest rate. I highly recommend Steve to other potential home buyers.”

Sanjin Kunovac

“Steve was a big help throughout the entire process. He always stayed in contact and kept me up to date on how things were going. We were able to close on the date that was set from the beginning. Everything ran smooth and without any setbacks.”

Christian Wilbur

“I have used Steve to close on 2 houses and several re-fi’s. He has even taken care of my parents. He is by far the best in the industry.”

Robert Chiarlanza

“Working with Steve was a pleasure. He helped me out with every aspect of the mortgage process, start to finish, and as a result I had a super smooth closing. Thanks again Steve!”

Adam Lion

“We recently worked with Steve on a refinancing of our home mortgage. We were confident that he got us the best deal possible and made the new process very easy to understand. It was always clear to us what was needed to make the transaction successful. It was great to work with Steve and hope to recommend him to others.”

Mike Musial

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